6th Annual Darkness into Vineyard Light Suicide Prevention & Awareness Walk

LowerWe are excited to announce that we will be hosting our 6th Annual Darkness into Vineyard Light Suicide Prevention and Awareness walk on Saturday September 23, 2023.  (Rain date September 24th.) The walk will begin before sunrise and continue until after day break. This is symbolic of coming out of the darkness of depression and mental illness, into the light of hope and healing.

Darkness into Vineyard Light, Inc is excited to announce we are now a non-profit organization. Our mission at Darkness into Vineyard Light Inc. is to raise awareness and break the silence regarding suicide.  By publicly addressing suicide, we hope that individuals who are struggling with thoughts of suicide will see that there is hope and support available. It is also an opportunity to educate the loved ones of those who are in crisis on how they can help, on what services are available for a person living with mental illness and for

To register for the walk or become a sponsor, click on the link below: Stay tuned!

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